• Timelining

    Timelining investigates how memory binds two people in time. Circling the exhibition space in an interlocking floor pattern, two performers speak timelines of their lives from the present moment backwards. One timeline intertwines with the other according to the rules of a movement score, producing temporal jumps and unscripted moments of intimacy. Each duo—or “partnership,” as the score calls for—is made up of two individuals who share varying degrees and forms of intimacy: couples, siblings, parent and child, former lovers, roommates, etc. The score begins (and begins again) whenever a viewer enters the gallery, insisting on contingency and interaction. Timelining was first presented as part of a solo exhibition at The Kitchen, NY, curated by Tim Griffin. It was later presented at the Mona Bismarck American Center, Paris; and as part of Storylines: Contemporary Art at the Guggenheim, an exhibition curated by Katherine Brinson, Carmen Hermo, Nancy Spector, Nat Trotman, and Joan Young, at the Guggenheim Museum, NY, in 2015.
  • Artists By Any Other Name

    A multidisciplinary performance collective, Artists By Any Other Name increases the accessibility of classical music and ignite imaginations through concerts that utilize complementary media such as dance, drama, film, and visual art. The collective creates cohesive productions by employing themes and narratives, giving each concert an overarching storyline. The Artists aim to revitalize classical music by presenting it in a context that engages audiences of all ages and backgrounds, both intellectually and emotionally. The collective serves as a forum where artists inspire each other, learn from each other, and challenge each other. Currently consisting of musicians and dancers, Artists By Any Other Name also collaborates with guest artists to incorporate other media into performances.
  • Reset

    A duet for Gwen and Emily, choreographed by Gwen and Emily, to serve to be a Reset, in life, in time, in emotion, a reset in a show. Performed: 2015 New York, NY, USA Praugue, Czech Republic Mullhouse, France Genk, Belgium Maasmechel, Belgium, Tullins, France, Elk Rapids, MI, USA Twin Lakes, MI, USA 2014 Berlin, Germany Skjern, Denmark Augsburg, Germany Orsay, France Twin Lakes, MI, USA
  • Dance at Saint Peter's

    A vast range of dance experiences including classical, modern, and improvisation, with performances with live musicians, classical and jazz.
  • Marea